An experienced technical staff
is a key element for any company.
When you partner with Ink Mill
Corp., you get just that.

Ink Mill Corp. has an experienced
staff of product development
engineers ready to meet your
technical needs. The ink industry
is growing, and new ink technologies
are being introduced all the time.
To stay ahead of your competitors,
partner with a team that has a
proven ability to release new
technologies and award winning
ink products.
Ink Mill Corporation is a high quality ink manufacturer for Ink Jet applications. Our latest technology offers best in class ink solutions for Solvent Based, UV Curable, and BIO-Solvent based inks. Our experienced development staff also specializes in custom ink formulations for Graphics and Industrial applications.

We also offer a range of pre and post coatings for digital ink jet applications, allowing for performance enhancement of adhesion on specialty substrates, including a range of "jet-able" primers.

Our inks are valued by our customers as the highest quality and most consistent products on the market.

Made in U.S.A. - Sold worldwide.

“In today’s economic climate, ink customers are searching for stability, value, and consistency from their ink suppliers. Ink Mill Corporation offers the most stable, consistent quality inks while maintaining the highest value proposition. Our ink products are made in the U.S.A. and sold worldwide.”
-Stephen J. Mills, President
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