Product Features:
+ Long Outdoor Durability
+ Long Shelf Life
+ Print Artifact Free
+ Excellent Drying Rates
+ Optimal Print Quality
+ Best Color Gamut
Premium Solvent Inks
Ink Mill Premium Solvent Inks
Outdoor durable Solvent Inks for Superwide Format Inkjet Printers using SPECTRA® brand printheads. High Performance, Premium Quality Solvent ink for the wide and super wide format printing market.
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UV Jet Recovery Fluid
Specially formulated for high performance cleaning of SPECTRA® brand inkjet printheads. This product works to loosen partially cured ink and debris from the passage ways which can then be removed from the printheads via fluid flow, pressure and vacuum. Ink Mill is setting the standard for the level of technical support and is unmatched by the competition. UV Jet Recovery Fluid provides superior value to the user by reducing printhead replacement frequency and cost.
Wide Format Ink Cartridges and 1L bottles
More than just Plug-n-Play, with Ink Mill it's Plug-n-Profit!

Specially formulated to exactly match OEM ink cartridges for seamless printer operation. No need to flush or perform other special changeover procedures like profiling, etc. Just order and use to increase your profits now. Also available in 1L bottles.

Ink Cartridge Warranty
Inkjet Products
UV Curable Inkjet Inks
Ink Mill's Ultra Low Energy UV Curable Inks use the latest technology to provide for rapid curing at low energy levels. This allows Ink Mill users to reduce their lamp power, thereby giving the printer more print media options. Some substrates are very heat sensitive and have not been previously viable for UV curable printing. However, now with Ink Mill Ultra Low Energy UV Curable Inks, these medias can effectively be used. Other benefits to this product are increased abrasion, adhesion, and overall performance of printed output. Ultra Low Energy UV Curable Inks for digital industrial and graphics applications, available for Spectra®, Konica-Minolta®, Seiko®, Epson®, Kyocera®, Toshiba TEC®, and Ricoh® brand printhead-based printers and industrial inkjet systems.
LED Curable inks now available
GlassBoost - Product utilizing Glass Enhancing Technology, improving performance of UV inks on glass substrates. This product is to be applied via InkJet to the glass substrate in-line with Ink Mill UV Curable inks. There is no need to cure or two-coat, this is a one step product allowing printers to provide high performance glass printing in one step.

PlastiBoost - Primer manufactured to de-static plastic sheets as well as clean them and also promotes adhesion to substrates.
Natural Solvent Inks
Environmentally friendly ink solutions made using natural materials, such as bio-solvents and water. Listed by USDA for BioPreferred procurement.

Premium BioSolvent ink for Wide Format and Super Wide Format printers. Excellent performance on flexible and rigid media. Matches very well with Environmentally friendly media currently available. BioSolvents are derived from natural renewable resources. These inks contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants or Heavy Metals. Applications ranging from Billboards and Banners to Point of Purchase and Car Wraps. Excellent choice for companies with an environmentally conscious mind for advertising campaigns. BioSolvent inks now available for SPECTRA® brand printhead-based printers.